Hope Safe-T-Bars

Hope Safe-T-Bar

About the Safe-T-Bar

This model of Hope Safe-T-Bar, full width protection bumper, is constructed using high tensile cold formed alloy steel, positioned to protect the rear of your vehicle from day to day knocks and fork lift loading, whilst providing a safe, non-slip step that helps protect worker safety while loading and unloading the interior or roof of a van.

Safe-T-Bar Benefits

Safeguard your corporate image

When you consider the investment you make in a commercial vehicle it makes sense to protect it. The Hope Safe-T-Bar does this reliably and ultimately protects the appearance of the vans in your fleet whilst safeguarding the image you portray to your own customers as a corporate brand. Protection from just one heavy knock is enough to recoup the cost of a Safe-T-Bar installation – just think how frequently your van is reversed in congested surroundings or loaded by fork lift! Demand from major fleet customers has made the Hope Safe-T-Bar an outstanding success.

Quick and easy installation

For around the price of the original bumper a Hope Safe-T-Bar can be fitted in minutes. Installation is quick, easy and affordable, and can be completed without modification to your van’s existing bodywork. The Safe-T-Bar simply bolts to the manufacturer’s existing specified mounting points and can be fitted using simple hand tools.

Lower running costs

If you own a single vehicle, the reduction in depreciation, garage bills, accident claims and good will created by the appearance of your own vehicles can add up to a significant annual sum. Whether you are an individual customer or a fleet manager these costs add up, use of the Safe-T-Bar can result in significant time, money and maintenance savings.

Better health and safety for all

The durability and reliability of our Safe-T-Bar products is second to none, and improved health and safety can be harnessed by all who encounter your HGV or LCV. Reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls from your vehicles, aid safe loading and unloading, and give better roof rack access with the Hope Safe-T-Bar.

Safe-T-Bar Unique Features

Perfectly positioned and built to last

The unique Safe-T-Bar is constructed using high tensile cold-formed alloy steel and positioned perfectly to protect the rear of your vehicle from day-to-day knocks and fork lift loading. In addition to utilising the highest quality materials, the Safe-T-Bar provides a safe, anti-slip step when loading and unloading.

A universal, legally compliant design to suit most vans

The Safe-T-Bar has been designed to fit most leading makes and models of van, and our products are the preferred vehicle safety and access device for all types of light commercial and heavy goods vehicles. To ensure you can find a Safe-T-Bar to suit your exact specifications our range includes non-towing options, full width step protection, recess step and options with towing facilities. All Safe-T-Bars with towing facilities are compliant with Type Approval UN ECE Reg 55.

Reliable sensor option to minimise risk further

As an option for non-towing Safe-T-Bars, our reliable four sensor reversing systems with audible and visual warning can be added to help with reversing and parking manoeuvres to further minimise the risk of accidents.

Specially formulated top surface for safety

The Hope Safe-T-Bar protects more than just your vehicle, it protects your drivers too. This market leading product provides a specially formulated, safe, non-slip step that helps to protect workers ensuring optimum safety when loading and unloading the interior or roof of a van, and prevent accident claims. The front recess of the bar is also fitted with a highly noticeable red reflective strip offering improved visibility during the day, night and in poor lighting conditions, and helping to prevent wear and tear.


Hope Safe-T-Steps

Hope Safe-T-Step

About the Safe-T-Step

Fabricated from mild steel, the Hope Safe-T-Step gives greater strength and is lighter in weight than most steps on the market.

Its unique design allows minimum overhang whilst providing an extra deep step area thanks to its anti-slip, self-cleaning step surface complete with red reflective strip for improved visibility.

Safe-T-Step Benefits

Optimum safety and easy cleaning

Two styles of drain hole have been integrated into the Safe-T-Step’s design not only to provide a non-slip van step, but to ensure the platform stays dry and safe whatever the day may bring. These drain holes, complete with raised pattern, also make the Safe-T-Step easier to clean, with mud from fieldwork simply rinsing away.

Improved visibility even in poor lighting

The Safe-T-Step includes a full width, integral red reflector strip, which makes the van easier to see when parked or driving in the dark. Come day or night, and even in poor lighting conditions, this red reflective strip offers improved visibility.

Easy to install on a wide range of vans

Even with its great strength and market leading durability, the Safe-T-Step is lightweight and easy to install. The step attaches to existing mounting points on a range of leading vans, whilst optional extras, such as tow bars plus integral air and power supply points, mean the Safe-T-Step can work with your specific van model seamlessly.

Built to last and preferred by professionals

The step is fabricated from durable steel and powder coated (in yellow or black) to prevent rust and ensure a smart appearance can be retained even on vans that are regularly accessed throughout the day. Thanks to this and many of the benefits mentioned above, the Safe-T-Step has proven its worth across many industry sectors, including in the field, making it the preferred vehicle safety and access device for leading utility companies E.ON, EDF and Scottish Water. The Safe-T-Step has kept their staff safe in a wide range of working conditions and could do the same for yours.

Safe-T-Step Unique Features

Full width, non-slip step

The Hope Safe-T-Step provides a deep, full width rear van platform with a raised tread pattern, three unique features that make loading the interior or roof rack of your van easier and safer. With the Safe-T-Step’s advanced design worker safety can be fully protected and as a result that is simply no need for your drivers or workers to stretch or balance inappropriately limiting the risk of injury and slips, trips or falls from your vehicles.

Mid-step flap for towing

The Safe-T-Step can be supplied as a solid rear step or with an integral, gas strut assisted lift-up centre section to allow easy access to trailer coupling. Suitable for use with Hope towing equipment, our mid-step flap locks into place when not in use. In fact, there are no removable parts to lose, ensuring the step area is maintained and safe at all times, even when towing.

As with our Safe-T-Bars, all Safe-T-Steps with towing facilities are compliant with Type Approval UN ECE Regulation 55 or 58.

Rigorously tested finish

The Safe-T-Step is built from steel and finished in a durable powder coating as standard. To ensure optimum durability, this unique combination undergoes a four stage anti-corrosion process that exceeds the industry standard 1,000-hour salt spray test demanded by motor manufacturers.

Reversing sensors

As an option, where possible, adding our reliable four sensor reversing systems with audible and visual warning can help with reversing and parking manoeuvres to further minimise the risk of rear impact damage.


Rhino Impact Safety Steps

Rhino Impact Safety Step Standard

Features & Benefits

  • Protects the rear of the vehicle upon impact
  • Twin rubber buffer shock absorbers utilised
  • Shock absorption of up to 60mm compression
  • Unique pivoting bracket design absorbs corner impact
  • Independently laboratory impact tested
  • Quick and simple fitting installation
  • Full width step design with large safety tread area
  • Anti-slip gripping surface with high visibility reflective strip


Rhino Impact Safety Steps Enhanced

Rhino Safety Steps Enhanced

Additional features

High quality LED puddle lights

  • Safe and secure access for the driver
  • Increased visibility

Reversing sensors

  • Safe and efficient reverse parking
  • Reduced accident risk
  • Enhanced driver safety


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